'Till the Day I Die

I looked straight into her eyes. I was trying to read the soul behind her pretty face while wondering what she’d be thinking about. She sat up and her hand slowly went through her hair. Then she turned over to me and said that she was dreaming about the beauty of her and me being together. My head drifted away into a world of beautiful, yet so far away reminiscences…

We had been friends since for ever; since the day we met in Preschool. It was a sunny day and we both were playing in the sandbox. She threw sand into my face and I cried. Five minutes later we played together, as if nothing had happened. It was the pure innocence of two young kids. We kept hold of this innocence for so long. All the pyjama parties, birthdays with creepy clowns trying to make us laugh… All the cakes we ate and the lemonade we made to sell it to the neighbours. What would this time had been worth without her?

Her hand touched my leg. Now she was smiling at me, knowing that I’d been daydreaming for a while. She starred at me and said: ‘Babe, we’ll make it. We’ll do it all. I’ll be with you ‘till the day I die.’

Photographer: Nassereddine Anjar @_nassereddine_

Models: Nathalie & Zeina