Tiffany Stringer Talks Her New Single "Falling"


Tiffany Stringer is ready to share her new single “falling” and the inspiration behind it. Born and raised in Texas this girl is a powerhouse whose authenticity and charisma light up the room whenever she walks in. Falling is a song that anyone who has ever taken a risk or given up control of something in their life will be able to relate to at every turn. We are so excited to be premiering “falling” down below along with an interview where Tiffany tells us a little about herself and the single.

Who are you as an artist?

Recently I’ve learned that my most important contribution as an artist is to see the beauty in every moment. I’m still growing and discovering what that means, but what I know for sure is that my life will always be my greatest work of art.

What do you hope people take away from falling? 

My intention for ‘Falling’ is for people to understand that uncertainty isn’t something to be afraid of. We all have dreams and sometimes figuring out that next step can be frustrating, but life’s greatest moments often come when we’re falling.

What inspired falling? 

‘Falling’ is inspired by my experience in Los Angeles. For awhile I got caught up in wanting everything to be perfect, but I’ve learned that sometimes you’ve gotta let things go in order for them to become what they’re meant to be.

Biggest inspirations?

Right now -  it’s to pretty much anything that has to do with Gwen Stefani, No Doubt or Katy Perry. I also love watching music videos, going to live shows, and learning about myself through conversations with other people.

What does authenticity mean to you as an artist? 

Authenticity is about being honest with yourself, accepting every moment as it is, and being who you want to see yourself become starting right now.

Model/Artist: Tiffany Stringer @tiffanystringer

Photographer: Keaton Stromberg