This is Who We Are

Society is fucked up. We already know that. But when wasn't it? Women have been told to loose weight to look good, they have been told that if they had multiple sex partners, it’s totally ok to call them “sluts” or “cunts”. When women cry, they are weak and when they laugh a lot, they seem to be crazy. They are not allowed to grow older either. Wrinkles? A no go. Cellulitis? Unthinkable!

I am not only talking about men here who have these views on girls. Women judge each other all the time. It’s an ongoing fight of turning each other down. Sometimes, it’s jealousy, at other times it’s just a huge lack of self-confidence.

However, things are changing and there are lots of people who already got it. They really start to think more clearly. Women’s rights, equality of the sexes and therefore a new state of mind is what our generation gets taught.

Still, there are some individuals who think in the old patterns. Should we judge them? No, I don’t think so. A society is learning and evolving steadily, but slowly, and some people just grew up, learning different things, different manners and opinions while experiencing the word in another way that might made them think in the way they do.

What humans often don't get is that the power of change lies within us women. We all have to stick up for each other. We shouldn’t let anyone turn us down. We shouldn’t insult each other, nor should we judge men. What we should do though, is believing in ourselves. And I really don’t want to bother you with any emotional, super spiritual talking.

It’s just the simple, though important thing of sticking up for yourself, knowing who you are, knowing your flaws and then cope with it. Just imagine your “best friends” were talking about your weight gain behind your back and you find out. This is the best example of women turning each other down. So what do you do? Cry and hide in your room? Seems like a good way of throwing yourself into your emotions and dealing with the pain. But what if it didn’t matter to you? Seems almost impossible and to be honest, I know we can’t just turn into cold machines that don’t feel anything.

But here is another approach of handling the situation: What are their reasons for saying such mean things? Obviously, they are frustrated. And deep down inside they know that talking about you like that, isn’t the right thing to do. So don’t hate them. Don’t fight them back, neither let them turn you down. Just ask yourself the question: Are you happy with yourself? Maybe you really gained some weight. Maybe it’s good to hear their real thoughts, as it gives you a clearer idea of how others perceive you. If you’re happy with your weight and body though, then where is the point of listening to what others are saying? Just smile, knowing that everyone has their flaws and move on. Because in the end, we are all the same. We all have the same ballast, we all have imperfections, we all have negativity in our lives that affects us.

Photographer: @jolie.price

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