A Powerful Voice, Many Talents & Big Dreams - This Is SYDNEY ♥️


Based out of Lafayette, Louisiana, female artist Sydney inspires the world with her soft R&B tunes, edgy lyrics and her talent to capture the right moment as a photographer. The power-woman started off in 2017 with her deput EP "PARADISO," introducing her laid-back beats and outstanding skills when it comes to writing songs that touch the heart. Last year in June she dropped her second EP "ROSEWOOD," which she dedicated to her grandparents. Whether she’s behind the mic or lense, Sydney always creates art inspired by real-life experiences.

Read our exclusive interview with the singing, songwriting scorpio below.

Which artists have inspired you throughout your career?

Early on, my mom exposed me to different types of music. We listened to Erykah Badu and Mary J. Blige so I really grew up loving R&B as a vast genre to express yourself in a multitude of ways. Currently I'm inspired by pretty much everything. If I like it, I like it and I run with it. I don't really want to put myself in a box so I love getting inspiration from all genres and types of music.

What is your favourite quote and why?

One day when my brother was giving me words of wisdom (like I always need), he told me to "pray like I have faith in God and work like I have faith in myself." That always stuck with me because I have a very bad tendency to think bad or less about myself and the worst about my situation. It always reminds me that I have a greater purpose and that I have to keep going. 

In what way do you think is it important to trigger your listener’s emotions?

I like to be honest in my music. I think through honesty there's freedom, so whenever I write something there's always some truth to it. I like to write and sing about what I know because I think listeners can hear your truth.


Are your lyrics referring to events from your personal life?

My love life sucks, lol. So, unfortunately, my songs are about experiences that I've gone through. Singing about it is kind of a release for me. The things I wanted to say, the questions I still have, the things that may have run through my head long after that moment had passed. I think we all do that sometimes which is why I really like placing that element in my music.

When did you start working as a photographer and which aspects do you enjoy most about creating imagery?

I've been doing photography for a little over 8 years. I started because I liked taking pictures of my friends and it grew to so much more for me. I like creating moments and creating emotion in those moments. I love creating a story. I also love making people feel beautiful, which I honestly think; for me, is the best part. 

Tell us about your previous collaborations and which one has been the most inspiring to you!

When I started working with one of my engineers (Feek), I really started to actually believe in myself as an artist and actually believe that I might be able to do this. Working with him really gave me confidence in myself as an artist and as a person.


How have members of your family supported you on your creative journey?

My family have truly supported my music and think every song is amazing. They can't wait to hear the next one. My grandparents; who are no longer with me, supported every single thing I do and did and ever wanted to do. A lot of what I do is motivated by that fact because I know they would love my music and everything that I'm creating now. 

Tell us more about your latest single, "Missed Calls"!

My single "Missed Calls" really was just a big vent. I was like heartbroken and felt betrayed and lied to and it was really killing me and making me feel like shit. So I just wrote it out and recorded it and everyone loved it... even the person it was about.

How would you define ’true love’?

I'm still deciding what that means, honestly. I am discovering and re-discovering what things truly are and what things may mean and it has me re-evaluating a lot in my life right now....I'll get back to you on that one. :)

What’s up next? Are there any dreams, missing points on your bucket list and visions you wish to pursue in 2019?

I want to grow as an artist with my music. I want to grow more as a person. I want to be happy. I want peace. I also have a new single "Dream" that's out now. :)

Photographer: Mike D Photography @mikedphotography

Model: Sydney @photogprodig

Listen to “Dream” below!