This is Home

You'd think I wouldn't have much style. All there is here is cowboy boots and denim. This plantation is full of it. But I'm not in a rodeo.

I'm constantly scorched by the sun, so I wear what flows. A dress that moves with the little wind out here. A hat to protect my blonde curls from frying.

But this is my home. I grew up near cacti and deserts for miles. I'll wear what I want, and live where I want.

Photographer: Jose Cervantes @Josecervantes_ (Agency @LovesickLA)
Photo Assist: Mariano Baltazar @MBfotos_ (Agency @LovesickLA)
Hair and Makeup: Amanda Bourne @Amandabournemua (Agency @LovesickLA)
Styling: Danika Ormonde @Danikaormonde (Agency @LovesickLA)
Model: Jill Billingsley @JillBillingsley (Agency @Brand_Models)
Jewelry Collection: Ouroboros Designs @Ouroborosdesigns