This Girl Is a Gun

I’m a girl with a lot on her plate. I’m not easy to handle. If you’re trying to catch me, I’ll walk away. I’m my own boss. I make up the rules - for my body, and for my life. ‘Cause if you’ve lost yourself once, you’ll do everything to not lose yourself twice.

I’m a girl that has a lot of fun. If you get to be with me, prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride that you’ll never forget. Maybe we will get overwhelmed by all the lights, the summer’s heat, and the night’s cold wind. We might become the fire itself, with strong, crushing waves intertwined.

I’m a girl that has a deep ocean inside of her. It’s so deep that you can’t imagine the ground. It’s filled with wonderful and weird things. With life and with death. If you take my hand, I might show you some things. But if you let go, you will never be able to see them again.

Photographer: Daniell Bohnhof @daniellbohnhof

Model: Stine Knudtzon Neergaard @stineneer

Styling & Hair and MakeUp: Katrin Gröper @look2ocean