So You Want to Move to LA?

Moving is always a big deal, however it has gotten much easier over the past few decades. You can actually go wherever your heart wants to be. Currently all the hearts want to go to the trendiest place possible - LA, or at least they think they want to be here. This city offers the fanciest shopping streets full of fun, sunny beach vibes, great weather always, not to mention the massive fashion, music, film and arts scene. Though LA is not made for everyone, due to its nature. I put together a list of questions that you should ask yourself before moving out to LA LA Land...

1. Are you moving to actually pursue something or do you feel like simply moving to LA will launch you into fame or success?

2. Do you have a job already laid out?

3. Do you have a car, or are you planning on using the bus system (valid option but very time-consuming)?

4. Do you have a few months rent saved up? LA rent tends to range from $800 If you are very lucky all the way to $3000 for a simple loft.

5. Are you okay being alone? Friendship can be hard to come by out here, and even when you have friends often you are both always hella busy.

6. ARE YOU OKAY SITTING IN TRAFFIC? Because you will basically live in your car (side note, gas is more expensive out here).

7. Can you handle false promises, and harsh comments?

8. Do homeless people scare you?

9. Are you ready to inevitably fall into a fad diet or the ramen noodles and water diet, depending on your cash flow?

10. Is the struggle and hustle going to be worth it, will you actually regret it if you don't move to LA or are you just moving here because it seems like the place to be?

11. Can you handle culture shock? LA is like another planet compared to most places.

12. Are you ready for endlessly diverse people, preferences, and places?

13. Do you have your beliefs or values as well as your boundary’s already set, because LA will test them all.

All this being said, LA is a stunning place to live, full of wonderful people, and endless opportunity. However it is not for everybody, don't move simply to move somewhere "cool" - move somewhere that calls to your heart not your Instagram.

Model: Weslee Kate Heilemann