The Story of Nina

When did you start modelling?
I started modelling in January 2016. A friend of mine is opening an online vintage jewellery shop and asked me if I she could take some pictures of me wearing her pieces. Together with another friend of mine we did some shoots with different themes, it almost felt like playing to dress up. :) After that I discovered this app - Romey - a kind of tinder-like app for models and photographers. But I wouldn't consider myself a model, I just see it as a hobby to go out on weekends and take a couple of pictures.
Please tell us about your future dreams.
I am currently finishing my Masterthesis in mechanical engineering and would like to start working in a consulting firm once I am done. One of my big dreams is to live abroad for a couple of years, preferably in the US where I have already lived 2,5 years. I would also like to travel as much as I can and discover the world.
Whats the most interesting part of your studies?
I think what I find most interesting about my studies, are the people I have met throughout the years and the friendships I have grown.
What are the 5 things you couldn't live without?
I could not live without my family and friends. But when we are talking about material things unfortunately I have to mention my smart phone. It has become the number one means of communication and navigation for me. I also couldn't live without my toothbrush, hair dryer, lotion and my Harry Potter books. :D
What are your aspirations in life?
My aspirations in life are living a happy life with a healthy family and good friends.
What's your favourite hangout?
I love the ocean, so my favourite hangout would be a nice place on the beach looking over the water and listening to the waves.
What are your bad and your good habbits?

One of my bad habbits is that I am very impatient. One of my good habbits is that I try to always be friendly and upbeat. :)
How would your friends describe you?
I hope they would describe me as funny, helpful and loyal. :D
Are you in love?
Yes, I am. :)

Photographer: Jan Glaser @goodvibescreative
Model: Nina Koertzinger