The Origin of Friendship by Tatyana Grechina


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When the need for connection is greater than the fear of strangers.

What is really happening when two souls collide?
What are their intentions? What’s between the lines?

So this is where we begin to see what’s really happening behind the scenes:

She lied.

When a lie goes undetected, who is in control?
I wanted to be friends. Rather, I wanted to be wanted.

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State of Illusion: Who Needs What?

The passage below is an unspoken conversation between two people who just met on their journeys. Both are coming from completely different places and parts of life, but both have a common need for companionship along the way and will say anything to get it.

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It’s the smallest things. Was it a lie? It’s hard to tell. The tongue does funny things. Sometimes it knows what you want before you do; other times, it cannot seem to articulate the most basic needs. When I told her I was waiting for a friend to pick me up, the words were just rolling right off my tongue. I mean, I did tell her the truth in the end… But still. Can’t help but wonder - maybe she was that friend? I felt like I recognized her...but in this strange way, like from another time or another place. Maybe another life. Either way, I told her I was looking for my people.

I totally lied to her. I have no idea who she’s looking for or where to find them. I told her I could help...But I definitely lied to her.

It is kind of the strangest thing, though. I have no idea who she is, yet I somehow trust her. Trust
her enough to go with her, anyways. Maybe it’s because we’re both in-betweeners. Space travelers.

Funny what people do for friendship when they need it. And it never changes. Nobody wants to
sit alone at the lunch table.

Anyways, instant friendships – never quite what they seem. There’s a lot of tricky, silent, hopeful
need involved. Not always, of course. But in those make or break moments, you act fast. It’s a lot easier to be two than alone, after all. Act now, think later.

So definitely not telling her my deal. She’ll think I’m crazy and I need her. She’s the only one I’ve got who half knows the way around. I just have to keep her believing I can help. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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Two Weeds Blowing in the Breeze;
Two Dreams Meeting in the Street

A comfort clad in bubble wrap,
We stand together yards apart.
Your needs are yours, my eyes are mine;
One pop-
The truth deflates a little bit
But is it needed to be true?
If I do me and you do you?
We walk through tricky grasses high
We laugh
We cry
We spill some coffee,
Laugh some more.
But do you know me? I hope not.
I need you/
I need you to trust/
I need you to trust me/
I need you to trust me just enough/
And if you know me,
You may not trust me
I’m afraid.
So for now, let’s keep it light.
Let’s be good friends, but
Let’s not fight.
What you don’t know won’t hurt you.
After all, you’re wanting Something too.

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Photography: Nick Centore / Models: Dani Slocki, Tatyana Grechina / Art Direction & Words: Tatyana Grechina