The Flowers We Raised Together 🌺

I want you to believe me. I want you to trust me again. I want you to know how much I care this time. And I know that after everything you’ve seen, you may not believe me. You may think that I only need you to replace someone. But the truth is - I never changed. I’ve always been your girl. Ever since I moved away, I’ve been striving for what we had. And the more I was looking for it, the more I realized how much I’ve lost. You’ve taught me what it is like to enjoy life with your total existence. You educated me on the matters of the philosophy of our life. You showed me, what is my catharsis. By being with you, I’ve got to known myself. Only by being with you I was able to care about someone again. You gave me the power to make you happy and put smiles on your face. I became happier as well. I know you may reject me. In fact, you may not even care. I know you live your own life now, on the opposite side of the coast, but if there is something left on the bottom of your soul that makes your heart flutter, do not reject that. Do not eliminate those feelings. In fact, hold on to them. Plant those tiny seeds of our love in your backyard, water them, and watch them grow. Then I will come to pick those flowers and to preserve them, just like those precious memories that we ones created. 

Model: Alex @alex_ride