The Classics


I’m not one to conform - for anything. Whether it be giving in to new fads like green juices or skinny jeans, I’m pulling back as far as possible. I love my classics. The same retro diner complete with rusty jukebox and sticky red leather seating. I’ve been coming here for as long as the neon sign has been up. Before a broken fuse turned “Tabasco,” into “Tobas”. No matter how many days a week I’m here, my order remains the same. Cheeseburger (without lettuce for sure) a side of onion rings and as usual, a cold Pepsi because everyone knows I’m not that Diet Coke and veggie burger kinda girl. These simple continuances are what keep me in order. Taking the left side of the booth, up against the wall. Resting my legs up on the empty space beside me when I’ve had too many fries. I can change my band tee’s and cut my hair, and will still be here. No trending diet or peer pressure will change that. 

Photographer: Ned Jokanovic @nedjokanovic

Model: Lea @neon_blood

Creative Director: Anna Bianca Gerlach @annabiancarose