The Best & Worst

karly by David Collier Baltisoul

You’ve seen me in my darkest times. And believe me, those were some dark days. Days where I couldn’t get out from under the covers, or bear to look at myself in the bathroom mirror.

There were times I forgot to get dressed. I ate my cereal in just my underwear, black as those nights when the TV would stay on static. Besides you, that blanket noise was all I had. But you were there.

You were there for my best days. I’d crank the volume up on my stereo, and actually make it out of my room. That rainbow sequin jacket was my best friend. It was our in-home disco ball. The times we’d dance in the living room, our feet softly grazing the green carpet.

I can’t thank you enough for showing me the best. All of those books laying across my floor were from you. That static noise stopped once you came around. You fixed the noises in my head. With you came a purpose... And an extra set of underwear.

Photographer: David Collier @davidcollier

Model: Karly Coryell @kcoryell / Neon Model Management

Assistant/Styling/BTS: Kristýna Erbenová @kris_erb