Thank You Little Love.

There is a point you reach.
Where the person you used to be, becomes nothing but a memory.
Where haunted hallways in your heart laugh at the harshness of your head.
Where you realize, you confused love with your longing for lust.
When really you were just lost.
Looking for something or someone to ground you.  
To point you in the direction you missed.
But no one will ever do that. Not today, or tomorrow.
Neither in a hundred years from this day.
Your journey is yours alone.
You hope you find someone, who grows at the same pace as your footsteps run.
That the route we started together, might even connect again at the finish line.
Or that could simply be false.                                                                                          
No longer living behind your shadow.
Shying away from the light, as it shows me what I learned last night.
Purposely putting all your worth in another person is a mistake many make.
And only a few can just walk away.

So thank you, my first little love.  
For teaching me to trust my own lungs to scream when needed.
For loving me even when I was lost, but not losing yourself in me.  
Thank you little love, for letting me go.
Even when I hung on like a baby whose mother wasn't ready.
Because we needed to find our way back to where we belong.  
We had to wander different worlds wordlessly.
Without the comfort of another one's hand pulling at our heart strings. 

Photography: @karlcan

Model: @weslee_kate