Talking the Beauty of Femininity with Photographer Laura Sanderson

Although she’s a homebody at heart, this gurl loves a good adventure and has been fortunate enough to live in many funky places - even getting as far as New Zealand! Originally from the Northeast, she has just returned from a three-year adventure in Texas, where she got to explore a different part of the U.S. She is now Philly-based and loves to explore a new city, a little closer to her home.

She’s in love with portrait photography, taken from a female point of view, capturing beautiful moments that depict women as strong, powerful, and beautiful - just as they are.

She gains her inspiration from different kinds of sources, such as literature, poetry, fashion, paintings, music, etc. - the list is endless. As you can probably tell, she loves saturated, full colors and just about anything shot on film.

Laura prefers shooting her friends, new model friends, friends that never thought they could model, family,... just about anyone!

“People rarely understand how beautiful they are and photographing them is one way to show them how much they should appreciate themselves. I love photography that makes a statement, is a little edgy and all the while capturing all the different aspects of femininity!”

Find a selection of her rad work below!

Photographer: Laura Sanderson @laurarsanderson

Models: @vanerbananer, @autumnleppla, @knikki_knack