Take A Picture


Sometimes, those troubled times still seem to be haunting me today. And I remember…

When I looked at them and I wanted to stop being myself. She was so popular. With her golden hair and skin so perfect. Looking at her and then looking into the mirror made me think that something was definitely wrong with me. That something just wasn’t going right. Putting myself in the shadow like the rest of them, I killed my own pride when murdering the thought of ever daring to be my true self.

A true self. My true self. Back then, I thought this was a girl with endless flaws. So many flaws, I didn’t know where to begin and where to end. I knew my skin was not as flawless as this girl’s skin on TV. My hair was not shiny at all, even though I was using the same shampoo that the girl who had such beautiful long hair was using. My eyes’ colour was never as bright as the neighbor girl’s captivating green and my body didn’t look like it could ever be in a Playboy magazine. How could I ever be happy?

Happiness came when I stopped thinking about who they are and started focusing on who I am instead.

I am not the girl on TV and I am not the girl next door. I am the girl who’s living in this house, in this skin, with all these flaws. Take a picture and look more closely: Who is your true self? Isn’t it you, who is much too unique, special and beautiful in your very own way to ever feel judged or worth any less than others? If you still don’t know that the answer is ’yes’, take another picture.


Model: May Eyal @______myeyal

Photographer: LP @lithaipletain