Sunday's Child ☀️

Sundays were just made for me. I wake up in the morning when the soft light tickles my nose. But I don't get up yet. It's time for breakfast in bed and my favorite magazine. I once again enjoy the feel of my soft blanket and my favorite cushion. And then? Then I just turn up the music, I run around in my sexy undies, knowing that this moment is just for me and nobody else. And I just relax, being comfortably lonely, just by myself. Because on Sundays, I don't need anyone around me. On Sundays, I am the queen of my own little paradise.

Photographer & Stylist- Nicole Toczauer  - @nicoletoczauer
MUA- Jessica Chu- @jessicachumua
Stylist- Michaela Nechalova- @slovakmade
Model- Coral Swindells – Two Management - @coralswindells
Hair- Neftalie Morales- @neftalie_morales