Sunday of Summer

We’ve been to the beach, concerts, and fairs.
I’ve danced around in dresses and lounged in the sun for the last four months.

The mornings are getting chillier and I can no longer sleep with the windows open.
There’s a cool breeze in the evening bringing the aroma of Autumn along with it.
The smell of spiced cider cooking on the stove.
Wood burning in a fireplace through your neighbours chimney.
Fresh peach cobblers and apple pies.

Even with the excitement of fall quickly approaching we’re still trying to squeeze the last few weeks out of summer. There’s still time for spontaneous camping trips and making smores, picnics at the ocean and late night walks to the bars.

The transition between summer and fall begins subtly at first then before you know it the leaves are vibrant shades of red and orange and you no longer have to take your sweater off in the afternoon. You come home from work as the sun is sinking into the horizon turning the sky pink and you slip on some cozy socks and grab a blanket while your curl up on the couch to watch the latest rom-com or re-read your favourite book for the hundredth time.

It’s cool enough for tea or hot chocolate in the evenings and soup is your go to dinner item. Your weekends are spent at Farmer’s Markets, Harvest Fair’s and Pumpkin Patches and you can finally dig out those boots, scarves and oversized knit sweaters from the back of your closet.

September is like the Sunday of summer, and fall is just around the corner.

Photographer: Duke Horca @dukebellorum

Model: Chelsea