Summer In the City


It’s summer. The heat is stuck between the grey, old buildings. Some dandelion are growing out of the sandy dust, the leaves’ ends are already brown. It´s silent, but you can hear cars in the distance. Some kids are laughing, playing with the garden hose in a backyard.

The soil between the bricked sidewalks is dry and cracked. I like this heat on my skin, this change between the cold in the shades and the prickling sunbeams. Sometimes you can hear the wind, a short howling through the streets.

It touches your skirt, strokes your legs and arms, neither hot nor cold and then it´s gone. The silence and heat wraps around me. I search for a shady place, listening to the sound of the city on the glimmering asphalt...

Photographer: Jan Glaser @goodvibescreative

Model: Anne