Sugerhigh Lovestoned Summer 16

Sugerhigh Lovestoned is a super chilled label and brand baby of Ginny Slim. Their 70's inspired trippy style makes living a life with a little more hippy flair look very appealing.

Let's talk about the fashion film that the site features because WOW is it amazing! It makes you feel like you are back in 1975. With stunning model Lili, this film makes you want to lie back on a fuzzy rug with your cat, while listening to the Clash albumn on repeat. It truly embodies this lazy hazy Sunday morning we all adore.

Videographer Izac Mann did an amazing job, catching moments that seem real and not insanely staged. The director did a great job of carrying a very steady theme across the whole video, making it a joy to watch. But we can't forget how incredible Ginny was with the styling of the video because HOT DAMN, was it on point. It is a must watch when it comes to fashion videos. The clothes are wearable but still totally iconic with an attitude.

If you are looking for the perfect festival outfit, or just something fun, then this collection is perfection.

The matching editorial Folk Minded had all the quality of the video and more! I loved the house that they shot in, it truly completed the feeling that you were in California or Oregon during the 70's in the springtime. The vibe stays light, bright, and airy without being too overly happy. Lili gives you the feeling she knows something that you only wish you knew and blasts the camera with confidence in almost every shot.

The clothes are what truly complete this picture though they really do hold an amazing 70's vibe with bold color choices and classic hippy chic cuts and fits. Ginny brings the fashion to 2016 by adding witty catchphrases and quotes. The clothes truly are unique and a must have in any style junkies arsenal. Our favourite? 'Eat shit, it's the future.'

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babe: Lilikoi // @_lilikoi

lens: Aaron Feaver // @feaverish

styling: Ginny Slim // @ginnyslim

film & editing: Zach Mann // @izacmann