Sugar & Spice

 She is made of sugar. Her words are dripping in honey, leaving a sweet taste in the mouths of strangers. She is made of butterfly kisses, delicate and colorful. Her touch makes your heart flutter and tickles the veins beneath your skin. She is made of summer sunsets, the vibrant sky reflects in her eyes, and consumes your soul in golden warmth. And she is made of spice. Sometimes her words taste bitter as they spew from her lips. She is made of lightning storms, her emotions get the best of her, and she lashes out on her loved ones. She is made of gloomy mornings, when her heart is heavy and she says absolutely nothing at all. She is a work of art. Easily misunderstood, but the ones who understand - they never forget. 

Photographer : Randolph lungela @lungela.randolph from @seasidz

Model : Zoé Leger @zoeleger