Stuck In My Own Head


Yesterday, I was wondering why the moon and the sun never meet. For a long time I had been trying to find the light and color that must be hidden somewhere behind the thick blanket of eerie-looking clouds. Still, all I could see was nothingness… A storm of thoughts suddenly eclipsed my mind. Would I ever be able to escape? Confusion knocked on my door and suddenly I felt heavy when mixed emotions began to sit down on my shoulders. I shut my eyes and started painting your face within a daydream. But the final artwork didn’t really seem to look like you at all. How could the picture of your smile get stuck in oblivion? The magnificent daydream suddenly turned into a class reunion for disappointment and emptiness. I had to open my eyes for just a second. In the next moment though I found myself swimming in the milky way. And you were still there with me. However, your smiling face was gone…

Photographer: Lorenzo Zow @lorenzozow

Model: Ambre Cécille @ambrececille