Strange Places

It's after midnight on a Thursday in the eerie hours of the morning just before dusk when everything seems darkest. She's in a strange place in a strange bed, but she's been here before. In the distance a train whistle wakes her from a strange dream, as it rushes down the tracks the rumble seems to shake the earth below her. Lazily she rolls over. The summer heat has subsided for now and she welcomes the warmth radiating from the boy sleeping next to her. He sleepily wraps his arms around her as she buries her face in his chest. The train whistles in the distance once again, rushing off into the night until it's roar is nearly inaudible. Somewhere between awake and asleep she realizes she loves him. She feels comfort in his slow easy breaths and the calming rhythm of his heartbeat. In the morning they'll be on the road again, heading towards their next grand adventure. She closes her eyes. The train whistle finally fades away leaving behind the silence of the night as she falls into her dream once more.

Photography: Christian Becerra @christiannbecerra
Model: Chelsea Nicolette