Stop and Let Go ✨

Nobody likes to worry a lot... Worries can come out of nowhere and they always bring us down. Perhaps we are getting doubted at school or work, maybe we experience friendships full of lies, or there is betrayal in our relationship. Possibly, we have done something horrible that cannot be undone, but fills our minds with guilt.

Those thoughts, memories and feelings are hard to handle. Despair, grief and anger can ruin a lot. We sometimes catch ourselves wrapped in our troubles; face starring at the ground, with our arms crossed, we are ignoring the beautiful world around us. We whisper to ourselves, over and over again. Always trying to get the upper hand. Always saying the words we wish we had said in that very important moment.

None of this is productive. It will never solve a problem or bring us peace. However hard it may be, we have to let go the burden we are carrying. We have to straighten ourselves, breathe and move forward. How could we dance, enjoy the sunshine, laugh and feel free, when we allow our sorrowful thoughts to oppress us?

Model: Solange Statsevich @soliloquium

Photographer: Dino Rovolis @dinorovolis