Stay Wild Forever

Our youth culture represents an artistic movement. We all want to be ourselves while being someone we are not. Finding out who you are and then restructuring yourself, improving yourself and your skills has become a creative process. Do you remember? Remember the time when you wanted to look like your idol, speak like your enemy and think like the person that was never meant to be you?

Then individualism came and guided you to your inner self - to the freedom you've been yearning for all the time. Suddenly being exactly who you are made sense. Your face, your laugh, your body and your sense of humour suddenly seemed to be completely irreplaceable. This was the beginning of a love that would never end. The love for yourself. A love that you recreated with every year that went by, constantly falling for new behaviours, gestures, creations you made or directions you chose.

Life is short and usually love - the most important in life as it keeps you breathing - is meant to be fast-paced with a bad ending. Keep a part of this love for yourself and you will fly so high for the rest of your life, even when you are the only person that is with you. You will be able to stay wild forever.

Creative Director & Photographer: Dino Rovolis @dinorovolis / @overratedfixation
Model/ MUA & Styling: Andreanne Jacob