Stay In And Cuddle


I don’t need anything in Tel Aviv. Nothing but myself. It’s when I’m alone that I can get into the most trouble.

I can wear nothing. I can wear everything - fashion is meant to be self-centered anyway. My long floral gown, maybe. Clothes are strewn across my apartment as I put on my own show.

Kitchen tile makes the best coolant. When the air is too humid, even after stripping down to my underwear. I lay with my back against the chilling tile work. Even my cat finds the floor next to me refreshing.

I might dance. Pour myself a self-made cocktail. Stare at my reflection. Cuddle against my ten foot bear. Or just rest. It doesn’t matter. Time is but an imaginary concept in Tel Aviv.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mike Ivnitsky @mikeivnitsky

MODEL: @anastasin_screed