Speaking with Savannah

When did you start modelling?

I did a few modelling jobs when I was younger nothing serious. I've just started again over the last 2 years though Instagram. Modelling isn't really my focus or the career path I'm following it has just popped up and I'm having fun with it for now and meeting amazing people in the industry and learning. I organise, style and shoot most of my own stuff. However, I just signed a contract with Sabo skirt which is awesome so its regular modelling work. Acting is really my main focus.  I'm also studying business and fashion design.

What are your goals in life?

To be happy, content and successful in whatever life path I choose. To set up my fashion business label (soon) that will support others less fortunate and this beautiful world we live in. To stay grounded and always be kind. And to always be who I really am.

What are 5 things in your purse right now?

1. My natural Cinnamon eminence lip gloss

2. My key card

3. A polaroid picture of my adorable boyfriend

4. My natural hand cream

5. The new book I'm reading currently - "The power of now" 

Favorite scent?

My grandmothers perfume called 'Shalimar'.

What's the best pre-shoot snack, and what do you eat after the shoot is done?

A banana for a pre-snack! And after a shoot whatever I feel I like sometimes it might be a naughty chocolate treat if I feel like I deserve it. I eat healthy but believe everything should be in moderation. 

 What do you love most about your body?

Ahhh hard question haha! I believe and know how important it is that we should all love our body’s, but I understand at times especially for girls we all fall in and out of love with ourselves which is sad but it happens especially with the world we live in today. We always want what we don't have, better or different or what we see on social media, at the end of the day you are you and there's no one like you! I think that's pretty special. I believe there's nothing more beautiful than looking confident within your own skin. If you don't like something about yourself working on it. Ops Back to the question…Okay the thing I like most about my body, umm possibly that I was lucky and got good genes I'm petite and don't put weight on easily (thanks mum and dad).

Guilty Pleasure TV show?

Prison Break - I've just finished watching the whole season and I still think about it daily! 

Photographer: @alexandertull

Model: @savannahmorrow

Blue swim: @sommer.swim

All other swimwear: @andi_bagus

Green jacket: A vintage find