All You Need Is a Spark🌟🌟🌟


We all start as a flicker that grows into an open flame - one we use to burn our way through the pages of life. Eating past moments and memories consuming our own stories. But too often we allow people, places, and events to dull that fire. A dark day or too much pressure can be like sucking the oxygen away from an open flame... Devastating. But fire is resilient. Even when it is diminished to just a simple spark, it still has the possibility of burning so brightly that even the stars admire its light. Take a minute to look inside yourself. Does your fire need tending? Or is it an inferno, already fueling you in the direction of success? Be light in a dark world. Always feed your flame. 

Photographer: Jacek Kloskowski @kloskowski.jacek

Model: Maiia Matiushenko @maiia_matiushenko