Small Moments of Togetherness

For me, the most loveable things in a relationship are the small ones. Of course I love going on vacations and eating at fancy restaurants. But what’s more important to me are the small and silent moments of love. Our world is so loud and fast; sometimes you just need to stop for a moment. Love evolves when you share the simplest of things with your partner.

Buying an inexpensive bottle of iced tea and some cookies and making a spontaneous picnic in the park.

Spending a whole rainy day in bed with lots of coffee, pancakes, and cuddling.

Holding hands while driving in the car.

Dancing around the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil.

When he just wanted to buy some groceries, but bought also a bouquet of the flowers that stand at the check-out line.

Brushing your teeth together.

Visiting dull amusements parks and making the best out of it.

Being alone together.

Listening to an audiobook before going to sleep.  

The same routines every day, like the way he cuddles with you before he falls asleep or how he watchers you check your lipstick before walking out the door.

Getting all ready for a party, but having a long meaningful chat on the couch instead.

Falling asleep with your phone because you want to write your partner one last message, but you´re so tired.

Walking together to a grocery shop just to buy your favorite olives, or his favorite candy.

Spending the whole Saturday in your underwear, eating snacks and playing board games. 

Being the cheesy couple with  matching outfits.

Having a fight, shooting glares at each other and starting to laugh    

All the small moments of togetherness.

Photography + Creative Direction @YASMINSUTEJA
Models @LUKA.R_FILMS + @KATHEBBSS (@culturemachinemodels)