Simply Selfish

Selfless - that is what many of us were taught to be. Selfless, giving, charitable, kind, to always put those you love first. These can be amazing quality’s to possess in life. However, your 20’s are not the time to be selfless, yes you can still be giving and kind and even charitable in moderation.  But the time for being selfless is gone.

Be selfish, get what you want and start building the life you plan on living. Your 20’s are all about YOU! They are about finding who you are and what you want. They are about learning how to make your dreams turn into reality, and how to come to terms with yourself as an individual. Love, please still love deeply, but make sure to love yourself just a little bit more.

If that opportunity comes for you to study in France, work in London, volunteer in Africa, or move to NYC in chances of booking a role, then GO and take the risk! If the love built is strong enough, you will still have him/her in your life. But if you don’t go, then you will always wonder what could have happened, if you put yourself and ambitions first. People will call you selfish, but when you have been selfless all your life then a time has to come for you to focus on you. And if that is what people call selfish then so be it.

Reach for the stars, they are yours to grab. Keep chasing the infinite and never stop growing. Trust me, there will come a time in life when you will have to be selfless again and who knows for how long that will be... So while you are young, while you are free, while all the possibilities of the world are yours to take, I dare you to be selfish and take everything that life has to offer and let your world blossom.

Photographer: Mikel Roberts @mikelrob