She Was Born Wild

She, who is wild. She, who is free. She, who lets the dust-devils guide her through the vast desert of life that stretches out in front of her and lights fire to her bones.

She is afraid of nothing and yet of everything at once. She listens to the wind howl with a sense of anticipation but also with fear in her eyes; knowing a battle is coming and foaming at the mouth for blood. But not for theirs, for her own so she knows that flowers still bloom under her skin and ripple down her arms like dew on a Thursday morning.

She, who needs no man, no living creature to define her and yet knows not how to define herself. Her self-view is clouded by dust as it drifts down from the clear sky above her.

She, who is naked by design left vulnerable and weak but yet refuses to be weak despite the harsh earth digging into her feet.

She, who finds light even when the moon decides that she in unworthy of illumination to guide her.

She, who is stronger than those who have come before.

She, who is a warrior built inside a bird and while flight may be possible, she would rather feel the earth pulse under her feet as she walks into the world ready to claim her crown.

She was born wild to the core and nothing will bring her down.

Photographer: Jason Ritchie @jritchiephoto

Model: Ryli Smith @ryjsmith Agency: MSA Models