She Was Everything

Potential, so bright it makes my eyes hurt as she shines light all over those around her. But she doesn’t see just what she could be if she stopped doubting the way she moved through the waters of life. She doesn’t see the way people look at her with wonder at the pureness radiating from her, at all times just waiting to bring more love to this world.

Kindness falls from her lips when she talks about anyone, but herself and anything, but her own goals and accomplishments. She will go far if only she gets out of her own way and starts to see that she is made of stardust and magic, moving through this world like a comet racing to an unknown galaxy. If only she could see that she need not fear her luster, but rather love it with everything she has.

She is everything that we all dream of being and she thinks she is nothing at all. We all know this girl, and all we can do is hope that she realises the light she holds in her heart is all she needs to find bliss.

Someday, she will learn to trust her own wings and fly into a shiny new world where she can truely be free.

Photography/Video: Estephany Sanchez @ehstephanyy

Model: Weslee Heileman @weslee_kate