"For the longest time, we’ve told ourselves that long hair is the most beautiful when the true beauty has always been confidence. Shaved showcases the few of us who could channel their inner beauty while going against the grain. What people don’t realize is… most men cannot embrace a shaved head, so the power it takes for a woman to shave her head, to go against the common opinion, to challenge society, to show the world that women can intertwine masculinity and fragility, is everything beautiful. ⚡️An attitude. ⚡️A culture. A way of life. ❤️Shaved." - Story/Concept + words by Alizayuh

Models: Jordan Hinds @surrealust_ + Breana Gonzales, “Bre” @venusvictrixx 

Photographer: Isaiah Vigil, “Alizayuh" @Alizayuh