Rozzi Opens up About Her Music, Goals, and Views on Love


From Madison Square Garden to Jimmy Kimmel Live - Rozzi has been listened to and loved by some of the best in music and she is well on her way to becoming one of them. With a strong will and authentic soul she is an artist dedicated to telling her truth and keeping honest music alive and thriving. Seemingly born with big dreams in hand, Rozzi found success early on in life but quickly came to realization that success is not always what you expect it to be. She found that success and artistry are not necessarily one in the same. Her music now is a part of her and an honest expression of what she was feeling while working on the songs. This album happens to feature many songs about love and heart break. With a powerful voice and an open heart she has thrown herself into the world as a true artist and a woman confident in who she is and what she wants. With her new album “Bad Together” dropping November 16th - Get your heart ready…

Continue reading below to hear her current goals as an artist, what she hopes people take from her recent releases, and what love means to her. Also below be sure to check out her videos for Joshua Tree and Lose Us featuring Scott Hoying from Pentatonix.

What is your main goal as an artist?

What I want more than anything is to connect with people. I fell in love with music as a kid because it validated my emotions. It made me feel seen and understood by people I had never met and it inspired me to lean into my thoughts and be more myself. I would love to have that affect on people through my songs - I hope people feel more and dream more and are more themselves when they listen to my songs. 

Is there anything specific you hope listeners take from Lose Us and Joshua Tree?

I hope people can feel how real they are for me. These aren’t made up stories that I thought would make good songs - I put my life into what I write because that’s the only way I know how to do it and I hope that comes across. 

What does love mean to you?

I think I have a lot to learn about love but so far what I’ve got is that it’s about really seeing and accepting someone. I feel most loved when I feel understood and I think I’ve been the most loving when I’ve really taken someone as they are. 

What are three things people might not know about you?

-I have the worst handwriting on earth and I’m not trying to be cute when I say that

-I walk five miles a day

-Four months ago I ate my first hamburger ever (loved it)

Anything else you would like to say?

My debut album Bad Together comes out on November 16th! It tells the story of a relationship from start to finish, it’s very personal and soulful, and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it I could die!