Rolling Stones

We are rolling stones that wander, that move and never seem to stand still. We got lost in the desert. Got lost by the ocean. We saw it all. We saved every second. Have you ever felt it? This recklessness flowing through your veins, the soft breeze in your face and these fast-changing emotions, running up and down in your brain?

In this moment we feel pure strength, we’re indifferent about everything and everyone. We live fast, die young and don’t regret anything that’s said or done. We’ll take you with us on that journey before you all get lost. Lost in the emptiness of unspoken words and a world that is dedicated to stagnation.

Photography: Eren Bozbulut @itsmrnothin
Model: @julianaohne
MUA: @cenkaydinlisoy
Stylist: @keremtezgel