Restless Heart

Within everyday life, we have learned to do the same things over and over again. We wake up, eat, go to work, then come back home to only sleep. The next day we just do the exact same thing - over and over again. I often wonder why not more people realize how broken we all are. It is saddening to see that this seems to be the real “American Dream”. We are taught to grow up big and strong, to only do what we saw our parents doing their whole lives.

I live an adventurous life. Considering I do have the dream of having a family one day, and marrying the love of my life. I also don’t aspire to live the everyday “normal” life. I don’t want to have the life where my days all seem the same. I don’t want to have the life where my days look like they are just running into each other with no stopping.

That is why I chose to always let myself go with the flow. I allow myself to go on adventures and to aspire to have that wonderful life I dream of, but to also allow myself to do what I love doing. I love hiking and traveling. The world is beautiful in so many amazing ways. So why wouldn’t I want to see it in all its glory? If I lived that everyday normal life on repeat, where would I be right now?

There are so many different outcomes that my life could be if I didn’t do what makes me happy. Chasing my dreams makes them appear impossible to live. I could never be happier with my life. The adventures, the crazy stories that I will never forget.

Yes, I am young... but I will never give up on being happy.


Photographer and Stylist: Anastasia Fua of elliftheartist photography// @elliftheartist

Model: Claudia Thompson @claudiathompson from Bella Management @bellamanagement

MUAH: Dempsey Rai @dempseyrai_makeup