Réalisation Par

I’m always looking for new brands and pieces to add to my closet. Even though Summer’s approaching there’s nothing wrong with buying new clothes. My usual clothing stores have gotten to be a bit too mainstream, however.

Founded by model and blogger Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, Réalisation par is a unique and authentic clothing company. Instead of releasing collections every season, the brand releases individual pieces to add to your style. No transforming your style from season to season! Réalisation is for those who want to add to their style.

Shop their iconic, individual pieces here.

The Christy – Black

To me, this is the “little black dress.” It’s certainly not your average fit n’ flare, but then again, when is average interesting? As said in the dress story, you can wear this “to breakfast and lunch and dinner.”

The Bianca – Navy Star

Finally, a blouse that isn’t a white collar button-up. The Bianca is definitely a riskier blouse, but the color options tone down the visible cleavage and stomach. Personally, the navy star is my favorite but I think the silver Bianca is also to die for.

The Francoise – Black

The ultimate “cool girl” skirt. This is one of those skirts that would look good on anyone, and could be paired with anything. In the photos The Francoise is paired with a rocker tee, but it would look just as good with The Bianca blouse.

The 1996 Dress – Zodiac

The Zodiac 1996.jpg

If I closed my eyes and you described this dress to me, I would’ve thought you were crazy. A silk navy slip, covered in zodiac symbols. Talk about Aquarius off the rails. But this dress is probably my favorite product on the site. It just works. It looks comfortable, and cute!

The Diane – Red Star

This dress is one of the most popular items on the site. The story for the dress received a lot of backlash, because of its sexist remarks. See my response here. Despite it’s criticism the Diane in Red Star is absolutely gorgeous!