Rainy Days and Lattes

There's something so peaceful about waking up to the sound of rain drops hitting your rooftop on a chilly fall morning, the water droplets on your window cause the world outside to look blurry and soft, like you’re seeing everything through a new lens. The wet asphalt, dirt and trees around you smell alive and fresh and everything turns a vibrant new shade, as if the fall colours weren't already beautiful enough.

You throw on your favourite sweater and your favourite boots and run outside like a kid again. The first big rain of every autumn brings you back to your childhood, you want to splash in the puddles and play in the mud but you're an adult so you do the next best thing and head to the local coffee shop. Maybe you grab your favouritebook to read leisurely as you sip on a latte, or you bring your laptop to get some work done, or maybe you just want to sit by the window and watch the people outside as they rush down the sidewalk in an attemptto avoid the rain.   

Either way, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, the gentle pitter-patter of the rain, and the warmth radiating through the cup between your hands makes the gloomy weather not seem so gloomy. The rain seems to bring everything to life, the roads, the trees, the rivers, and even your soul if you let it. 

Photographer: Maxwell Swift @maxwellswift

Model: Chelsea Nicolette @chelsea__nicolette