A Rainbow Soul’s Daydream


Flowers blooming from a forgotten gun

Booming into beautiful

Shattered glass gleaming


Scarlet letters and scarred knuckles

Rose red bullet holes

Lilac sighs

Babies breath tears dripping from her eyes

Juniper jewel tones

Jaded those

Lovers lost in lawn clippings- blown away

Dizzy on daisy drugged day-dreams

Dazed and delighted in marigold rings

Blushing bluebonnets with broken stems

Sitting in green - listening

To serenades in flowerbeds full of hope

Orchestra’s of orchids

Opening the show

The shadow of bumble bees wings on

Earth turning slow

A velvet pollen coated curtain rising

Paradise is calling

Roots growing deep

Seeking water

For an eternity

Until a winter lullaby



A rainbow of colors

In a field of new souls

Watered by the intuition of their fresh budding growth

Bringing light to each layer of old undertones

unloved - stiff stalks soften unspoke

Wrapping rosebuds round those needing - freeing

Lifting lavender feelings and fearful fates feeding

Urban gardens taking more time - healing

Little boxes on sidewalks overlooking lifetimes of spring cleaning

Young + Wild

Rainbow toned souls drifting on dandelion seeds

Aiming to nurture the world into growth - both beautiful + unseen


Shot on various types of film by: Elizabeth Jordan @Eliiiijo

Model: Weslee Kate @weslee_kate