Poor Wealthy Girl Part II

In Summer all the wealthy new workers and models spend their free time up in the Hamptons. It’s located in the depths of Long Island which is 2.5 hours away from the city, still close enough for the perfect weekend get away, but not an easy apple to get which is what makes it so fun.

Models and sexy looking girls are a frequent sight there. Promoters rent houses for the whole summer. They take the girls out to clubs, packing the venues door to door with picturesque beauties. They almost always get a very nice pay-check for bringing in such a specific clientele.

But slavery business is was she always tried to stay alway from. Good friends who rent out or owned a house there often invited friends to fill the spacea and to give them time to catch up with everyone outside of the NYC craziness.

After such a long trip, the first stop was always for a nice lunch in Saint Ambrosse. They had these tiny unhealthy sandwiches - with crazy amounts of mayo on non-gluten free buns - accompanied by cappuccino and gelato.

All the art events are moving to Hamptons for summer time. There is a special art area called Watermill with museums, galleries and other art institutions with a new gala or opening every weekend. She always suffered from listening to others rave about it while she was feeling the close hug of jealousy. She saw installations and performances she could have never imagined in her life. One scene was followed by another in a theater routing to the main exhibit with paintings covered in thin sheets of glass. Top models, wealthy people, some random people - a typical crowd for these events.

What’s next on the schedule for a busy Hamptons weekend? Dinner in a luxury restaurant followed by a house party. She came into the hi-tech house full to the brim with expectations of the high society, who lives there. To her surprise they were broken, with posh looking girls dancing in this huge modern house. These high society snoots weren't happy at all to see an unexpected guest. She was ashamed of their snaky behaviour. Those girls usually give a hard time to beauties from another world, but this was far more nasty than usual.

Upset from all these useless people's talks and their addiction to the cruel, she drove home. Back to her routine in the morning which consisted of pressed juice and melon. Also her daily run on the beach was much more fun than partying with posh people...

Photographer: Henrik Purienne @Purienne_