Poor Wealthy Girl


It’s been a long time since she went out. And there is nothing wrong with her. She just really needed a relief from that furious night life. But in NYC it’s impossible to quit this lifestyle for a long time when there are always opening new, even cooler places, warming up your interest.

Friday night was the best time to start over a bohemian life, showing off that new fancy outfit she just bought. She rushed to the art party which took place in this famous Meatpacking gallery. Who would be invited? Models, the VIP fashion people and of course the regular party crowd. In NYC there is always this group of same people who visit all the major parties. Usually, they magically sneak in or security sees their pretty faces and lets them in before all the other that are waiting in the queue. Short greetings, easy talks – it all made her feel bored pretty fast. Though she was looking forward to go to this fancy Italian restaurant afterwards.

When they arrived she checked up the location. Ok, interior looked nice, servers looked very European… the rest… hm… was this really the place to eat? Conclusion for the evening - fancy and trendy doesn’t mean tasty.

Waiting for something miraculous to come, she went upstairs to the private club. And - Voilá! Her eyes and ears were happy. The location was stunning! This Boudoir-like room was filled with friendly looking people that were dancing to old-fashioned music.

Useful tip for everyone: If you find a model in the crowd, this place is 100% trendy.

After dancing for a while, she started to squeeze herself through the crowd and BAM! Someone’s champagne spilled on her Chloé bag. Two more steps and her new Givenchy shoes dipped in vodka. Squishing, she got to the DJ stand to say him hi. A friendly handshake was accompanied by this bloody smell of vodka and champaign… «I need a shower», - This was everything she could think about.

Wet and smelly she got home.

«It was a great night, but next time I should wear a hydro costume», - she told her boyfriend and fell asleep. Bohemian life is exhausting…