Patience is a Virtue

Kaily Smith Baltisoul.jpg

She had never seen, nor been to so many places as with him. Both, in reality and in her imagination, his entice was magnetic and his love contagious.

I don’t want to be patient with you, but Baby I know that’s how the best honey is made. Shine for me, because you know I like your style. Addicted to the way you do, having my heart racing when you enter my zone. Suddenly you fill my lungs until I can’t breathe and it’s then I know that I can’t get enough of you. If patience is what you want then hold on, I’m going to wear you out and wear you down.

Thinking it could be time to slow things down, my sole focus is beginning to blur as emotions are at an all-time high. You're pulling my attention and somehow I'm distracted. I can only turn to see my stars falling as they burn from the sky. But this won’t work. You see there’s a problem. We’re in two different worlds that are about to collide.

Water is running cold where I once felt your love on mine. Tensions are mine to hold when your lies are dripping from your skin, which once poured out a truthful gold. There’s no limit as to what I’ll do for my art. So as my stomach knots, I know this feeling is coming. It could be easy enough to walk away but where’s the story in that?

Model: Kaily Smith @kailyemmasmith

Photographer: Zac Watson @sydstreetco