Open Road

I was sitting in the passenger seat with the windows down and the radio up. There was nothing but desert as far as the eye can see and a warm breeze blowing through my hair.
We've been riding on empty for almost twenty miles yet we're still another ten from the nearest gas station. It's a hundred degrees outside and there's no sign of life. But this is as alive as we've ever felt.
We've got too many problems to count and we're not worried about a thing. We're young, we're broke and we're lost. But we're also excited, happy and most of all free.
With our wild hearts and wandering minds we know we're going to get there. Every traveller knows the journey is the most important part of any road trip and we’ve got everything we need right there with us. Love, friendship, and the spirit for an adventure.
We’re up for anything and everything. So bring on the open road.  

Photographer: Nick Trance @nick.trance

Model: Chelsea