The Digital Cupid

Dating has become much more common online than it has been in the past. Whether it is meeting over Instagram or swiping right on Tinder. But due to this digital cupid, conversations are a lot more calculated.

Take Snapchat for example. You can see everything on there. When your snap was opened, you have a “My Story” view. Even your debating of typing will come up as a notification.

Bumping into someone on the street is a natural occurrence. Saying “sorry!” first is just common courtesy. But if you waited for the guy to say something first, it just doesn’t happen. Especially if it was you who bumped into him.

In person it doesn’t matter as much whether it’s you or him to talk first. What’s going through our heads instead is just sheer panic of what to say next. Not what to say first.

Conversations online have become so manipulated. Can’t decide whether to send a heart emoji or the kissy face? Just take some time to think, and ask a few of your friends.

Go with your gut. What would you do in line at a coffee shop? Would you ignore them, and make sure it’s them to follow you first? Or will you be the one to say “hey”? Stop thinking and send that snapchat, or like that Instagram. Unless you’re more classy. Then pick up the phone and dial that number.

Photographer: Kyle Willis @kylewillisphoto

Model: Shannon Gallagher @shanngallagher