Oh Won't You Stay?

It's 2 am and I feel the warmth of your breath
against my chest, as you sleep soundly,
but I…
I can't sleep.
I look at you and I am afraid that if I close my eyes
for perhaps a split second, you may disappear.
Because a foolish girl like me always gives love too quickly
I'm lost in thought as I see you open those beautiful blue eyes,
you smile and ask, “what time is it?
I say: “2:03 am.
Frantically your eyes widen as you jump out of bed and insist you must get home
you explain your mother is probably worried sick.
I feel my throat tighten because I don't want you to leave
Don't leave.
I say cautiously, “Oh, won't you stay?…just a few more minutes.
I'm afraid that every time you leave you may not come back for me.
Unannounced a tear falls down my cheek, your expression softens and you ask me
Why do you cry, my love? I will be back tomorrow.
I look at you nervously, “Promise me—
The tears were spilling from my eyes now. “Promise me you'll always come back,” I say finally.
You looked at me like you had never looked at me before, your touch was delicate and your words soft. “I will never leave you, my princess.

Model & Photographer: Estephany Sanchez @ehstephanyy