Justin Jesso


Justin Jesso is a name you might recognize alone, from Star Gazing with KYGO, or from his new duet with Nina Nesbitt. No matter where you know him from or if you know him at all - his music will make your arms do that thing where all the hair stands on end. This Chicago native is on the rise and is definitely worth knowing a little better. Continue reading below to know his favorite lyrics, self care habits, and more.

Who are you? 

I am Justin Jesso. Artist and songwriter from Chicago. Living in LA, dog dad to Elvis. Constantly on the road now. I am me. Lord of light and ruler of the seven kingdoms;) 

Why music?

Because I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else 

What does vulnerability mean to you? 

It means being open, being honest, being emotional, letting yourself go and give in to the experience of feeling. Sometimes putting yourself at the mercy of others. It is essential I think to write a moving song. 

What’s your favorite lyric of your own?

I have a couple.

Getting Closer” it’s: “Wondering if you’re still mine not just someone to remember” - from the second verse  “Let it be me” it’s: “for the days when it’s hard to wake up and the nights you don’t fall asleep” 

Stargazing” it’s: “stars don’t disappear they keep blazing” from stargazing. It’s just such a good truism. 

I have an unreleased song (coming before the end of the year) and the first line of the song is - “I don’t wanna wake up in a hospital room holding nobody’s hand”. That’s probably my most favorite line I’ve ever written.  

Favorite place to play live? 

I loved playing the Troubadour in LA. I was just there a couple weeks ago on my US tour. Such a historic venue and I love how wide the stage is. It’s intimate and a really great room. 

Where in the world are you happiest? 

In my bed in LA.  (I travel so much I never get to be in my bed) In the last two month I’ve been home for around 2 days. 

Favorite smell? 

Fresh towels and clean dog

How do you practice self-care?

Not enough. My mom sent me some meditation apps yesterday but I know I’ll never use them even though I should. I don’t work out enough, I’m always breaking out, and I never stop working or take any real time off. 

Oh the question was how... Ha. Well.... I play with my dog when I am home :) his name is Elvis and he’s the best. 

What’s next?

Europe tour in Sept / Oct! It will be my first headline tour out in Europe so I’m super excited for that!!! Should have a new single out around then too and then hopefully an EP by the end of the year. Hope you enjoy my new single Let It Be Me with Nina Nesbitt