"NOTES" - An Inner Thoughts Exploration Of A Girl In Her Mid 20s


Overthinking is something that especially we millenials do all the time. We ask ourselves thousands of questions about love, our lifestyle and the sense of literally everything. All the "Maybe’s" and "What if’s" are constantly keeping us stuck within this huge mess of thought patterns. Finding answers to those questions and the reasons for why things are happening is tough, but feels necessary to remain happiness and to become our best selves.

Just imagine all these thoughts that are constantly cruising around your mind would be put to paper. The result would probably look like ’NOTES,’ a beautifully authentic journey through the inner thought calatogue of a girl in her mid 20s. Written, directed and produced by renowned Alexan Sarikamichian and Francisco Mazziotti, the short film might help us realize once again that we are not alone in this complicated world.

Directed and Produced by Alexan Sarikamichian @alexan_sar & Francisco Mazziotti @frandelaf

Starring: @fresiipower

Voice Over: @roshtess

Special Appearance: @marianoont & @santirobledopages for @CIVILES

DOP & Camara: @dancarrizo, @ferrari.sebastian

Editor: @ana.svarz

Gaffer: @fernandorifilms

Art Director @bon_ivre

Stylist : @jimosoriano

Production Special Thanks: @belencher

Assistant Producer & Stylist : @anitafluxa

Make Up: @daalfir

Hair: @maialuduena for @vardomanagement & @gabooescobar

Original Music: @elotexelotex

Still Photography: @marinaamonaco

Graphic Design: @tamaconforti

Motion Graphic: @santiagoavila

Video Paris: @julibustelo

Poster Design: @luchomrbrownstone