Gossamer Girl



She was soft like sugar floss blowing in the wind. You could have popped her enthusiasm like a bubble if only you tried. She would look at you as if she had died -  and maybe even possibly cried - till her eyes turned into pools that showed your broken monsters in disguise. She was trusting like a young girl whose heart had never been broken. So you drove your fingers into her heartstrings and pulled until they were soft and unspoken. Like spun gold, they pooled in your palms -  until you had all your greedy hands could hold. As even spun they were still pure gold and grew heavy with time. so you dropped them and watched them float into the dirt and the grime. You ran away from your crime leaving her to wind them back into her empty chest. Like gossamer into a cocoon large enough for her heartbreak. Hoping to transform into something less breakable by mistake.

She was forgiving like a trampled flower -  so you stopped by and sat by her for a while. You watered her petals and sang with the breeze you even made friends with all of her bugs and her bees. Yet as winter came and she was less vibrant you walked away in the process taking away her environment. While she did not need you to bloom -  she was used to your shelter and shade from the gloom and harsh winter weather. You left her cold in the dirt of another...heartbreak. This one not a mistake. 

And yet… What you did not see was in your footsteps debris you accidentally planted her souls' simple soft seeds. So suddenly she could bloom with new perspective set free from your souls gloom.

Now you're confused because she is a new shade of color. Her heart is protected from any intruder. She wove titanium heartstrings into a key that she holds like a sword overhead. A warning to all who view her kindness as weak - that she will not fall at their candy coated knees. Her laugh and her smile are still sugar sweet - she now drops poison of off her flower petal and gossamer wings. When your hand tries to hold her's once more she will slip away like the sun from a storm. Her enthusiasm rebuilt its walls - now surrounding gleaming pools of potential that show no flaws. Only love and moments caught in the breeze and heartbeats and sunlight hitting the trees. Her ambition amplified by the pain that you caused she now walks out into the world to her own minds applause. Never in her wildest dreams does she think "maybe they were ever worthy of me."

Don’t take credit for the success you are nothing but a memory melted and under duress.

And her garden is thriving.


Model: Weslee Kate @Weslee_kate
Photography: Mimi Taylor @dynamimi
Stylist/Assist: Lauren Millar @curlyheadedskeleton