Waiting On a Soul to Find Me.


I know you're out there. I can feel my nimble fingers reaching for your soul, my heartbeat unknowingly complementing yours even now. I can feel the sound of your thoughts as they trickle down through the cracks in my skin - despite the fact I'm not broken. A simple sigh escapes my lips, as they feel the bliss just out of reach, waiting in line for the second best part of me.

Knowingly not ready yet, but still craving your touch, every moment brings me closer to this destined one. Blossoming like a prim rose while waiting for current lovers to take their bows.  I scan the horizon for you and see nothing but potential.

My palms itch to run down your back and my soul screams for its matching set. Wandering the world in search of the one who will set my skin on fire, I wait patiently to hear your wings join mine so that together we can fly higher. 

Photographer: @vince_patrick

Models: @kelseahopkins & @michiguerrero