New Year, New Goals 🌎

To be honest, this year wasn't the best one that the world and I had so far...

I had a lot of troubles and a lot went really wrong, but when I look back now, all the trouble had some positive sides to it. I got closer with my mom again, I found out a lot about who I am and who I want to be and where to go in my life. I know who I can always count on and how strong I really am. I am a lot more mature and confident now. And I am really thankful for it.

I also travelled a lot, I had some fantastic adventures in the Netherlands, Prague and all over Germany with my friends. I petted a lot of dogs, read really good books and had some quality time with my loved ones that I wouldn’t want to have missed in any second.

The most exciting part was definitely when I booked my one-way ticket to Scotland. I am going to live and work in Edinburgh, starting in January. I am really excited for it!

I wish you all happy holidays and a happy New Year, filled with prosperity and success! Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr - as we would say it in Germany.