Nature's Art

Wind blew through my salty hair as I overlooked the blue waters.
Surrounded by many sounds of voices, waves crashed against the rocky shore.
With sand still stuck between my toes, I awaited the dusk.

The long light rays were still shining, moving slowly while hugging the oceans edge.
I looked to see the sky changing its colours; only knowing that soon it would be over.
Minutes passed as I was watching the work of art animate.

Struggling to stay above the horizon, the beautiful sun fell into the water.
I was saddened to realise how quickly time had passed, but happy to know that a new day would start soon, as well as another beautiful work of art.

Photographer: Madison Amber @717photography

Model: Emily @emilyclewell

Wearing: @forever21 bodysuit with @brandymelvilleusa shorts and a thrifted jacket